Saturday, November 3, 2012

Roots ... Are They Truly Set?


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I was always blazing my own trail as a kid.  God-led.  Life was a fun adventure.  But dangerous life was ahead, and no one told me.  Soon, that independent soul turned lonely.  I found myself ahead of the pack in such a different way...

Teen years dragged by; my soul was dead.  Life was brimming behind dead eyes, but the life could not be released.  My roots were set-- I knew what I believed-- but I was tangled up and held back, not able to grow.  Those roots were set from such a young age, but they needed care, guidance, and to be near water.

Lack of emotional support and depression sidetracked me from the true joy inside of my heart... I didn't have what I needed to grow.  I grew too fast in different ways.  That independent little trail-blazer turned into a lonely sojourner.  God was with me the whole time, and I knew it.  He is the only reason I got through alive.

I'm grateful now for a full life.  God is so good.  I am so different.

Now, I see others going through what I had gone through a decade ago.  I reach out, but they are too callused and do not respond to my care.  It hurts.  I hint that I care enough to come alongside them, or to step into their shoes... and when they don't let me in, my heart crumbles for them.  I have come to the conclusion that I need to help those broken souls from afar.  I have to learn that I have no right to help everyone.  Another adult lesson learned.

My roots needed cared for and maintained at one point in time.  Tripping over them... it was so hard to get back on track.  But no matter what, those roots kept me from dying.  I can only hope that will be the case for these other souls.  I wait and pray.



  1. One must have roots in order to have wings. It sounds like you found yours!

  2. Very true... and yes, it seems I have found my wings! Thanks for reading, Eli.

  3. Hey Anna, I just noticed you joined 5MF this week! I love this: "those roots kept me from dying." I was on the same train of thought with my 5MF. So glad to see you writing and hope you're doing well!

  4. I am doing great, Jacqui :) glad to do another 5MF... I will most likely see you on the next one!