Saturday, March 23, 2013

\\ Remember //

You know the rules by now... Let's go!



 Only on hot, sunny days-- in moments of my own-- have I trained myself to let it all go.  I feel free from my mind in the present.  Free to remember. 
I have yet to find such peace in too many other situations.  

My mind takes me back to a place, sitting under a palm tree on my own at Bible College.  Watching the clouds.  Wondering where God would take my life.  Something inside me always tried to call me away from where I was at, no matter where I was.  Somehow, I was always ready to go.

That "something" was always a good feeling, it was never bad.  Other people saw my desire to get away as me trying to escape the situation I was in.  How could I articulate to them that I wasn't trying to escape?  I felt that something calling inside of me; leading me from place to place.  It was always to a safe place, and just in time.  When it was my time to leave, that something would guide me safely away.

Reminiscing, now, I remember this calling inside of me felt just like a mission.  I had a purpose at each place I was.  It's like life is a video game... I had to go through each level.  Saving a friend, assisting a prince to find their princess, fighting a dragon, etc.  Each place I felt lead to, I had a reason to be there.  Even if I did not see it until 5 years later. 10 years.  I am reminded when I look back.

My life (in my eyes) is a series of events and purposes.  There is a reason behind each moment.  I choose to always accept my mission!  It fulfills my life, and makes my Saviour happy.  I'm not perfect, and sometimes I may not hear correctly.  Or don't listen at all.  Those are things I am working on.  

I am most happy when I think back on the times I followed that Voice, and can clearly see a purpose for why I was where I was.  When I remember those times in the past, I am happy in the present.



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    1. thank you very much, denise. and thank for stopping by!

  2. I love how God leads us in different ways and ways that are sometimes misunderstood by our friends. It's helpful to remember those times when he has led us so we're not afraid when He calls us again to move on.

    1. so true! I agree wholeheartedly, hannatu. thank you for stopping by and for understanding.

  3. Anna, I agree!! :) It's so good to remember God's faithfulness. It gives me confidence that He'll guide me in my present trials. Thanks for the encouragement over at my blog. I'm so thankful for your friendship!

    1. Jacqui, you're the best! I am happy to give you the same uplifting encouragement that you give to me. Love ya, girl! <3